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X-ray optical elements.

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X-ray optics is the branch of optics which operates X-rays instead of visible light. While lenses for visible light are made of transparent materials with a refractive index substantially larger than 1, for X-rays the index of refraction is slightly smaller than unity. The principal methods to manipulate X-rays are therefore by reflection, diffraction and interference.

The basic idea is to reflect a beam of X-rays from a surface and to measure the intensity of X-rays reflected in the specular direction.

In X-ray diffraction a beam strikes a crystal and diffracts into many specific directions. The angles and intensities of the diffracted beams indicate a three-dimensional density of electrons within the crystal. X-rays produce a diffraction pattern because their wavelength is typically the same order of magnitude (0.1-10.0 nm) as the spacing between the atomic planes in the crystal.

We produce and sell a special X-ray optical elements: †††††

  • X-ray focusing ellipsoids and paraboloids; ††††††
  • Focusing X-ray half-lens; ††††††
  • X-ray Fresnel lenses.
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