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The problem of extraction of nucleic acids from biological samples attracts an extraordinary attention. Currently, the extraction of nucleic acids often performed using spin-column, which represents a polypropylene tube with a layer of glass as an adsorbent. Pumping of the sample and buffers through the spin-column is carried out by centrifugation. The process is based on the ability of nucleic acids to be adsorbed on the glass surface. The procedure is not complicated, but requires a lot of manual labor. Automatization of the process is inconvenient and expensive. †††††

Proposed nucleic acid extraction method using multicapillary (MC) tip is based on the ability to adsorb nucleic acid on the glass surface. MC-tip consists of a glass MC-tube enshrined in a standard polypropylene pipette tip. Pumping of the sample and the buffer through the MC-tip can be provided by use of manual or automatic pipette. The process is very simple and suitable for both manual and automatic execution. Spin columns have two major drawbacks: the need for a centrifuge and inconvenience for automation. MC-tips greatly simplify and speed up the process of nucleic acids extraction. The process is as simple and equally suitable for both manual and automatic execution. Centrifuges or other special hardware is not required. ††††

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